Tips For Healthy Lips – Guest Post

Tips for Keeping Lips Healthy through the Winter

Even if you adore the snow and love cuddling up on the couch in your favourite sweater, you probably don’t like how your lips look from all of the chapping. Instead of enduring another winter with a cracked frown on your face, keep some tips in mind to ensure your pout stays smooth all season long.

Brush Your Lips

Dead skin is at least part of the likely reason why your lips are so chapped. Put water on a toothbrush; then, gently brush your lips to remove the dead skin. Make sure that you don’t use too much force or move too quickly; doing so can damage your lips. You may want to keep a separate toothbrush for your lips.

Use Products for Chapped Lips

After you brush the dead skin off of your lips, use a product that is intended for chapped lips. You don’t need to coat on thick layer after thick layer, but a quick dab won’t do the job either. If your lips are seriously chapped, you may have to look into medicated products. Make sure that you read the directions; you don’t want to put too much on.

Avoid Harsh Lip Products

While you may want to plump your lips up to the size of the stars’ lips in the magazines, those types of products can dry your lips out even more. You may want to give up lipstick for the season and stay with lip gloss instead since the latter products tend to be less drying. One product that’s really stood out over the last couple years is Evolution of Smooth and the EOS lip balm – check it out! You can also use chapped lip products in conjunction with colour to set down a smooth base.

Bring Your Products with You

You’ve probably gone through the first steps in the past and then rushed out of your house without your products. A few hours later, you notice that your lips are all chapped again. If you tend to forget items at home, keep a spare tube of chapped lip product in your bag or at work.

Know When It’s Serious

If you are not having any luck with keeping your lips moist and healthy, then you may have a condition that requires medical attention. Speaking with your doctor can get you the necessary solution to keep your lips in good shape all year.

This winter, you don’t have to let the weather beat up your lips. Instead, you can infuse some more steps into your care plan.


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