Make Up Looks Inspired By The 60’s – Guest Post

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Cat-eye glasses, big earrings, mini-skirts, bold geometric patterns, the white eye shadow, exaggerated creases and the big, doll-like eyelashes are recognizable trade-marks of the ‘60s. Fashion icons like Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and many others, were trendsetters of their time and left significant influence which is still relevant. They were brave, nasty and glamorous; they had good-girl-gone-bad-sexy style and confidence the size of a mountain – and everyone wanted a piece of it.

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Quote Friday #30

“To every action, there is a reaction.” – Warren Graham

What is Quote Friday?

Every friday, I’m going to post a quote, a lyric or even a poem, just to give you guys a little something to look at in order to motivate or inspire you or just something for you to enjoy. Credit will be given where possible and none of the quotes, lyrics, poems etc. Were written by me unless stated otherwise. Have a great weekend!

November Favourites

Better late than never, right? Right? 

I had quite a few posts queued so it took me a while to find somewhere to slide this in, here seems good enough. I liked quite a few things throughout November and we shivered into Winter and the Christmas spirit, not all of them are season themed but a few of them are, I hope you let me know if you enjoyed any of the same things through November and tell me what your favourites are in the comments down below!

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