Make Up Looks Inspired By The 60’s – Guest Post

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Cat-eye glasses, big earrings, mini-skirts, bold geometric patterns, the white eye shadow, exaggerated creases and the big, doll-like eyelashes are recognizable trade-marks of the ‘60s. Fashion icons like Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and many others, were trendsetters of their time and left significant influence which is still relevant. They were brave, nasty and glamorous; they had good-girl-gone-bad-sexy style and confidence the size of a mountain – and everyone wanted a piece of it.

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Vintage Fashion – Inspiration from your fave 90’s shows! – Guest Post

Back with another guest post from Charlotte Barnes, check out her writing at Colonia Jewelry

Do you realise that in just three years, Sex and The City could officially be considered vintage? The popular HBO series first aired in 1998 and, according to some fashionistas, 20 years is the designated point when something moves from retro to vintage.

The upside is that vintage is very ‘in’ at the moment and so you have the perfect excuse to whip up your best Carrie ensemble.

And it’s not just the Sex and The City girls who can stimulate your vintage fashion mojo; here’s a great selection of TV shows from recent years ready to inspire you.

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Wearing Boys Clothes

Is it just me or have you walked down the street, saw a boy in a really nice jumper/T-shirt/Jacket and thought of buying one for yourself but refrained because, well, it’s for boys? Stop if you have. Boy’s clothes are the best. I mean, sure, they’re not great for special events like parties etc. But on an everyday casual basis, they’re so nice and comfortable. And d’you want to know the best thing? Pulling them off is way easier than it looks.

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